Fade to Grey by Yvonne Marjot

My poem on blog magazine I Am Not a Silent Poet.

I am not a silent poet

The walls are grey, and the light
Barely touches her face.
For a moment she raises her eyes,
Then it all goes back to grey.

The window’s a dismal blur;
There’s hardly a sound in the place.
She’s been sitting here unmoving,
Watching the memory play.

It’s raining out there. The sound
of the second hand marks out the day.
She must pull herself together.
She can’t go on this way,

Other people endure this;
They seem do it with grace.
Get up and walk out that door.
It’s time to face the day.

She tells herself to move,
But her legs will not obey.
The hours wear on, and the light
Fades to a darker grey.

Outside is where it happened.
She can’t go there again.
Inside it keeps on happening,
Over and over and over and over…

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