It’s Thriller week at Crooked Cat Books

Some great reads here – three very different thrillers.

Crooked Cats' Cradle

You could say it’s a killer week, with three fast-paced, yet very different killers showcased on our new Crooked Cat Books Facebook page! Nip over now and read excerpts, chat with the authors and find yourself a new addiction or three…


Here is the unholy trio:

Meet The Handshaker in David Robinson‘s dark, gripping novel. 

The Handshaker: to take his hand is to invite death.Handshaker

In the darkest corners of hypnotic trance, who is in control? The Handshaker has put eight women to death. When another woman commits suicide, hypnotist Felix Croft believes he has the answer. Then The Handshaker takes Croft’s girlfriend.

The game changes.

A puppet dancing to the killer’s tune, Croft is first the hunter. In a dramatic turn of events, he becomes the hunted, running from the law, desperate to find the madman before he can kill again, and brought face to face with his own mortality in…

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