50 Essential Works of LGBT Fiction

Some gorgeous books in this list. I’ve only read a few, just added others to my wishlist. The big one that jumps out is Dhalgren – I read a lot of Delany in my late teens and you never forget his writing. Not sure I’d recommend it as a ‘good’ book but it possesses the power to paint a different colour into your mind.

My ‘The Calgary Chessman’ series has major supporting characters who are gay, although the protagonist of the first two books is a heterosexual female. The relationship between the men forms the primary sub-plot, which grows in importance as the series progresses, however both characters have complete lives of their own, and both play a major role in the plot, irregardless of their orientation. That’s how I believe it should be – our sexuality is a vital component of our lives, but it’s not the only focus. LGBT characters have the same right as any others to be believable, and to lead full lives. Mine would never let me get away with less!