Letters from Elsewhere: Cassandra Longmore

An' de walls came tumblin' down

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Letters from Elsewhere

My guest this week is Cassandra Longmore (nee Graham) who is the protagonist of two archaeological romances, The Calgary Chessman and The Book of Lismore, set in the Inner Hebridean islands of Scotland. The third book in the sequence will be The Ashentilly Letters, in which Cas has to return to her home in New Zealand. This letter, from Cas in New Zealand to her best friend Bernie, on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, refers to some of the events in the upcoming book.

Many thanks to Yvonne Marjot for letting Cas out for a while.

Dear Bernie,

It was wonderful to get your letter. I’m reading it now in the kitchen, surrounded by the best silverware, because at about three o’clock this morning Nanna decided she needed to start polishing. I’ve finally managed to get her back…

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The Peace Letters

Tiny Owl Workshop

Dear Peace
It’s been a while, and I miss you.
I thought you might like to know that we’re trying to pull together a book of letters to you. It’ll be called The Peace Letters, because, you know, that’s what the book will be filled with… hopefully.
The thinking so far is for the content to be hopeful and reflective/heartfelt: to reflect the creative, caring, thinking, humane, funny, empathic and resilient side of humanity–everything that the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut are not.
The end product will be a book filled with letters, and hopefully some illustrations, from across the globe. My hope is for the book to contain a mix of letters from better known people (writers, visual artists,philosophers, parents, children, scientists, athletes, leaders etc) and those not so well known. Letters may be just a few lines, or up to 500 words.Letters may also be in graphic/illustrated format.

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