Poetry Map Poem 25: Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull

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Metaphorical Distance

Out at farthest focus, drifting, peaceful:
Green ladled with mauve like a healing bruise.
Light lies heavy on the horizon; chooses
To lean its languid body westward. The pull
Of the rolling planet quickens, and the full
Swelling, murmurous mass of the tide looses
The bonds of gravity, dropping the deep, pellucid,
Purpleness of light gracefully into the ocean’s well.

Dipping my toe into the water, gasping
At the cold, desiring to go deeper and far,
I stare outward along the long divide
Of the horizon: the waves on the sand rasping
At the edge of the land, my feet, my heart:
Like this sea-coloured bruise I am trying to hide.

Yvonne Marjot

To view our Map of Scotland in Poems as it grows, see http://stanzapoetry.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/the-map-revealed/ . For more information on this project, and on how to submit a poem, see http://stanzapoetry.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/mapping-scotland-in-poetry/.

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The Map Revealed

Here’s the StAnza poetic map of Scotland. One of my poems is on it, as well as some other fine poems. If your town’s not featured yet – send them your poem, get it up there.

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MapWe’ve had a wonderfully enthusiastic response so far to our request for poems with which to map Scotland, 69 poems from almost 50 people in just over a week, and huge thanks to everyone who has submitted. So far we’ve included one poem by everyone who has submitted (including a couple of suggestions of traditional poems), attaching the poems to the locations as best we can identify them, giving the location plus the title of the poem (except where these are the same) and the poet’s name. Then we’ve shown the first two lines of each poem, keeping line breaks as far as googlemaps make this possible. So here is the map as it stands at present.

Click on one of the pins and it will open for the poem for that location. When we post one of the poems in full on our blog, we add a link to that as well, and we do hope to feature most of the poems eventually. Later, once…

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